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Ensuring Quality Janitorial Services on Military Bases

| Categories Blog | April 13, 2023

Military bases are hubs of training, discipline, and order. Every detail is considered in the daily operations of these complex institutions, and hygiene is no exception. The maintenance of cleanliness and order is essential in keeping the facilities safe and conducive to daily activities. This is why janitorial services provided on military bases require additional background checks and training to guarantee accountability and reliability.

Military bases support hundreds, sometimes thousands of people on a daily basis. They house essential operations of the government and serve as temporary homes for those serving the country. As such, the facilities must maintain a high level of cleanliness to prevent illness or accidents. This is where janitorial services come in, providing daily or weekly cleaning of facilities. Janitorial services on military bases go beyond the basics of scrubbing floors, walls, and windows; it extends to the maintenance of national security.

Security Controls

U.S. military bases are one of the most secure places in the country. Accidents, theft, and sabotage can lead to grave consequences, and all personnel must undergo rigorous background checks before becoming a resident of the facility. It is necessary to make sure that everyone within the base is trustworthy and has no previous records of criminal activities or tendencies. Janitorial services providers must follow the same procedure to work on military bases, which includes surface checks at local, state, and federal levels.

Janitorial services provided on military bases require additional levels of training to ensure that only professional and competent individuals can perform the tasks. Service providers must undergo a thorough training program that covers the methods, materials, and safety procedures to use. This means that cleaning on military bases goes beyond the standard cleaning procedures taught in traditional janitorial service training. Service providers must also understand the importance of confidentiality and national security, as well as reporting incidents and safety hazards.

The level of attention to detail required in the maintenance of military bases goes beyond the physical environment. Janitorial services providers must also understand the technical and operational procedures of military installations. This includes knowing the schedule of the base, the locations of the sensitive and off-limits areas, and safety protocols to follow to ensure that work does not interfere with the activities of the facility. Service providers must also be in close communication with the facility’s management to receive updates and directions.

A Deep Clean

Military facilities have always been held to high standards of cleanliness and safety. As observed during the global pandemic, it is imperative to keep these standards even higher. The safety and well-being of mission-critical staff and occupants are of utmost importance, as is the efficient operation of the facility. Janitorial services play an essential role in maintaining these standards; however, heightened cleaning procedures must be implemented.

Military facilities are expected to be busy and active, with personnel coming in and out regularly. As such, keeping up with the cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and high-touch areas is a top priority. Germs, bacteria, and viruses can live on surfaces and high-touch areas for quite some time, thus spreading from person to person if not properly cleaned. By thoroughly cleaning surfaces and objects, the chances of exposure to germs, bacteria and viruses are significantly reduced. In turn, this significantly reduces the risks of illness or disease outbreaks in the facility.

Implementing heightened cleaning procedures has substantial benefits not only to the personnel within the facility but also to the facility’s efficient operation. Personnel who get sick will need to take time off work, leading to staff shortages and reduced functionality. By implementing thorough cleaning procedures, the facility is better able to operate at maximum capacity with fewer sick days and staff shortages.

Military bases are important government assets that host many significant activities. The janitorial services provided in these facilities by Quinn’s Commercial Cleaning Services play a crucial role in ensuring cleanliness, safety, and security. As a service provider, Quinn’s has to undergo rigorous background checks and training programs that cover the operational procedures and safety protocols of the facilities. With proper preparation and professionalism, service providers can guarantee the quality of their work and contribute positively to national security.

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